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La Estrella Polar

Comfortable and full of light. Full equipped bathroom, kitchen, living room and, always, a private space in the garden. You will have TV and DVD, with films and books to read if you prefer. If you are more than two, we will provide you with a cot or an extra bed.

La Mar Salada

Spacious rooms, thought out to make for a pleasant four- person stay. Kitchen and living room to share your after-meal time, both bedrooms with an exit to the garden, and its own bathroom. You will have TV & DVD, you will find films and books too. If you need it, you may have a cot or an extra bed.

Marea Baja

With the same standard of quality and services as in the apartments, this Studio, with a kitchenette, is a good option for short stays. Warm and well looked after, with its own corner in the open air garden.